Giant LEGO Christmas Tree

The world-record breaking 12.2 metres high Christmas tree in the London’s St Pancras International Station hit the headlines across the world!

LEGO Christmas treeWhen Bright Bricks were asked by LEGO to create an event to celebrate Christmas, the sheer mind-boggling idea of a gigantic Christmas tree, complete with working lights and decorations was ambitious to say the least.

The giant LEGO Christmas tree took two months to build and contained 600,000 bricks. There were more than 1,000 Lego baubles attacked to its 172 branches and according to Lego it’s the tallest tree ever made using the toy building bricks.

David Buxbaum, marketing director at LEGO was delighted with the Bright Bricks creation and commented: ‘The LEGO brand is all about play and creativity and Christmas is the time for celebration and fun.

LEGO Christmas tree

Duncan Titmarsh adds a LEGO star to the top of the tree

This magnificent Christmas tree is a shining example of these values and shows that with LEGO bricks you can let your imagination run wild and build anything.”

The massive Christmas tree was the centrepiece of the concourse at St Pancras International railway terminus in London.

And the resulting global media coverage amounted to 100’s of thousands of pounds worth of free advertising! Maybe it’s time to start thinking about a LEGO model for your next brand promotion!