About Us

Bright Bricks is one of the world’s most inventive design companies, creating unique models, mosaics and events from LEGO bricks.

LEGO building has always been a personal passion of founding director, Duncan Titmarsh and since joining forces with fellow LEGO creator Ed Diment, the company is fast becoming world-renowned for its ability to promote brands with ‘larger than life’ LEGO models. The company’s portfolio includes education, retail, entertainment, FMCG, news and broadcast, technology, manufacturing, shipping, aero-engineering and sports clients.

Duncan Titmarsh

Duncan Titmarsh LEGO Christmas Tree

Duncan Titmarsh places the star on London’s St Pancras Station’s LEGO Christmas Tree

Duncan is proud to be the only Lego Certified Professional in the UK. For the past 3 years he has been developing his passion for designing and building Lego artworks and sculptures to the point where his business is flourishing and echoes the universal popularity of LEGO bricks with every generation of consumer.

Since childhood Duncan has been a Lego fan and as he has become more recognized for his work, he’s lucky enough to have turned his hobby into a commercial reality.

From small beginnings, Duncan now has some impressive names in his client portfolio. From a life-size tiger cub commissioned by Stella McCartney to a giant toothbrush commissioned by Phillips for a new product launch, he finds every new challenge as exciting as the last.

He works from a large workshop in Hampshire, UK and his work is as diverse as it is original. Some recent projects have included  a room-sized replica of Wembley Stadium, working on the James May Toy Story life-size house, a huge model of the London Olympic Park as well as several privately-commissioned portraits.

Duncan relishes working on new product launches and coming up with original promotional ideas of his own. He is quickly becoming one of the world’s foremost LEGO artists — something that is a personal dream come true!

Ed Diment


Ed Diment, Bright Bricks co-director relishes LEGO challenges on an epic scale!

Ed is a co-director at Bright Bricks and joined forces with Duncan in early 2011. He specialises in creating seemingly impossible models of complex subjects such as a 4 foot high replica of Westminster Abbey and a half-scale WORKING model of the Rolls Royce Trent aeronautical engine for the UK’s bi-annual aviation showcase, the International Farnborough Airshow.