At BRICKLIVE Group and Bright Bricks, we have a long and trusted track record of engaging audiences with our unique creations, touring shows and events. Using the medium of toy bricks and other toy bricks, we can help launch your product, enhance your event and aid with engaging your loyal customers and new audiences.

Bright Bricks can create almost anything using toy bricks. We’ve built a world-record-breaking bridge with just under 6,000,000 bricks and a full-size F1 car, but then we also make small sets and kits for community events. Over eight years, Bright Bricks has grown to become the world’s premier independent toy brick building firm.

Between BRICKLIVE Group and Bright Bricks we employ over 60 people in the UK, roughly 30 of which make up our highly skilled workshop team of builders.

We have world famous entertainment touring show collections that are set up in venues and supported by clever interactive experiences. Toy bricks are globally recognised and respected, and Bright Bricks and BRICKLIVE Group are a leading experience company in this field. Challenge us to find the creative key to promoting your company’s product or service, there are limitless possibilities.

Bright Bricks’ parent company, Live Company Group runs the event BRICKLIVE globally.  BRICKLIVE is a network of partner-driven fan-based shows using BRICKLIVE-created content worldwide. It owns the rights to BRICKLIVE – interactive experiences built around the creative ethos of the world’s most popular construction toy bricks. BRICKLIVE actively encourages all to learn, build and play, and provides an inspirational central space where like-minded fans can push the boundaries of their creativity.