Zoos and Safari Parks

Introduce a totally innovative and exciting facet to your zoo, safari park or wildlife centre with the awe-inspiring range of animals made with toy bricks! 

Savanna and Jungle

Together, these shows comprise over 80 life-size safari animals made with toy bricks. From small exotic insects and birds, to huge beasts such as a gorilla, tiger and elephant.

Savanna and Jungle can be hired individually, or as an entire collection, and are suitable for outdoor display.


Is a fabulous collection of dinosaur models made with toy bricks, including velociraptors, a stegosaurus and a magnificent tyrannosaurus rex.

The collection is complemented with displays of dinosaur eggs, skeletons and fossils.

Mythical Beasts

This collection offers a magical experience, with an assortment of creatures guaranteed to excite and engage visitors of all ages. Creatures such as the one-eye Cyclops that towers over 3 metres in height, and the mighty minotaur that stands alongside nymphs, satyrs and more.

Several of the models are animated and, for example, can be heard to roar, emit steam through their nostrils or peer at visitors with glowing red eyes. Some models feature all three!

Interactive Features

The fun of building with bricks is getting involved, creating and constructing, and all of the shows offer several interactive elements designed to enliven the imagination of children of all ages! 

These range from a Feed the Frogs catapult game, the Harriet the hippo community build, and Egg-stinction, to the Temple of Artemis public build and the Sauroi Pod.

And everyone loves a selfie! All shows can be complemented with a range of selfie zones, including a jeep, a witch, and a head-in-the-hole Hercules!