The Snowman™ and The Snowdog, presented and built by BRICKLIVE will display your favourite characters as you’ve never seen them before! Uniquely crafted out of thousands of toy bricks this tour includes 4 large models and 12 bespoke trail models.

Our 4 amazing large brick models include The Snowman, The Snowdog, Billy and a group scene mosaic providing 4 incredible and memorable photo opportunities. Our 12 trail models are designed for venues to create a short or long trail hunt for kids and their families. The trail models range between 30cm – 80cm in size and are ideal for placing in shop windows, info points, concession stands, outlets, visitor attraction enclosures or museum exhibits to create a fun, festive Christmas trail hunt where participants enter a sponsored prize once the trail is complete.

This festive tour provides an amazing attraction for museums, shopping malls, towns, BIDs, visitor attractions, zoo’s and any venue looking to increase footfall with a fun, festive activity. Contact us to find out more.

x1 The Snowman
x1 The Snowdog
x1 Billy
x1 Head-in-the-Hole
x1 Anatomy of a Snowman
x1 Comic Snowmen
x1 Rodeo Snowgirl
x1 Penguin
x1 Christmas Tree
x1 Father Christmas
x1 Kimono Snowgirl
x1 Photo Mosaic
x1 Grandfather Clock
x1 Flying Scene
x1 Red Plane
x1 House at Night