Savanna is an interactive LEGO® brick experience that provides fantastic entertainment for your visitors, themed after the African savanna and its amazing wildlife. This experience can be staged as a stand-alone event or placed within an existing exhibition.

This tour can be configured in either a circular or square format and can be scaled in size relative to the area available. Nearly 20 stunning and life-like models of animals can be displayed within a realistic jungle scene around the perimeter of the area.

The visitor experience begins with a Jungle tour around the animals. Some are animated, or incorporate lighting and sound effects. There are many Selfie Zones within the tour.

For larger venues, the Savanna tour can be combined with Jungle to form the Great Brick Safari, comprising all the models and interactive areas of both to form a comprehensive LEGO brick journey through the wonderful world of wild animals.

The variety and number of models is subject to change. Please contact our sales team for the latest information.

Adult Kangaroo
Juvenile Kangaroo
Zebra (Adult)
Zebra (Juvenile)
Zebra (Foal)
Hyena (Sitting)
Hyena (Standing)
Warthog (Standing)
Warthog (Crouching)

No. of Models: 80+

Bright Bricks will supply the complete feature including all the models, dioramas and soft furnishings. The build of the models is extremely detailed and of exceptionally high quality.

The Great Brick Safari at Marwell Zoo:

How we built a LEGO Ostrich: