Following popular demand we are launching our newest tour straight into the Solar System! The theme of Space has always been of major global interest to both children and adults, so our 15 fantastic space themed models will provide our customer venues with a flexible touring show that can create a space themed set in one location, or be used to create a 15 location trail around a visitor attraction, town centre, zoo, shopping mall or any other venue.

The carefully selected 15 models provide a fun mix of learning and photo opportunities. Rockets, shuttles, astronauts and even a friendly alien will guarantee to delight everyone viewing this exciting new touring show. Like all our touring shows, BRICKLIVE OUTER SPACE comes with further options for merchandise, marketing, interactive games, shell scheme and our brilliant retail sets.

Neil Armstrong
Yuri Gagarin
Valentina Terashkova
Head in Hole Apollo 11 crew
Apollo 11 Mission Badge
SLS Mars Rocket
Apollo 11 Saturn V rocket
Planets display
Space Shuttle
Lunar Lander
Curiosity Mars Rover
USA Moon Flag
Vostok 1
Friendly Alien