BRICKLIVE OCEAN features hand-built brick statues and games that have been devised to entertain whilst educating children and families about the incredible diversity of life in the Earth’s oceans, and about the major environmental issues that threaten their existence.

The world’s wildlife has halved in less than a generation and the oceans are struggling to cope with the growing pressures upon them. However science is clearer than ever before, awareness is at an all-time high and our commitments to saving our seas and the life within them are more ambitious, creative and innovative than ever before.

In the current and very serious world we live in, BRICKLIVE OCEAN brings important sea life and habitat facts and statistics to life in a fun environment. BRICKLIVE OCEAN hopes to motivate children and families to take an active interest in the fish, crabs, sharks and octopi that we share our blue planet with so many generations to come can enjoy these wonderful species.

BRICKLIVE OCEAN comes in multiple sizes, so please make an email enquiry so one of our team can contact you. This touring show debuted in 2019 and, having already visited Chester Cathedral and Edinburgh Zoo, is ready for its next exhibition.

BRICKLIVE OCEAN comes in different shapes and sizes, so please contact us to discuss which size set would best fit your requirements.