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Legends – Legendary creatures come to life in LEGO bricks

Legends is an exciting tour that brings the fascinating world of creatures from mythology to life with LEGO® bricks. The tour contains over LEGO brick models and displays ranging from nymphs and a gorgon all the way through to a larger-than-life cyclops.

Visitors can experience fantastical creatures from myth and legend, getting close-up and personal to huge LEGO brick sculptures of weird and wonderful beasts and beings. As visitors tour amongst the wonderful variety of models they will have numerous Selfie Zone opportunities, including a ‘head-in-the-hole’ mosaic of the Greek hero Hercules. Some beasts are enhanced with sound and smoke effects as well as animated and interactive features where participants can get hands on.

Visitors are also be able to watch short videos that show the build process as well as providing information about the tales and sagas in which the beasts were first described and from which the inspiration for the LEGO brick creatures is derived.

For larger venues, the Legends tour can be combined with Creatures to form Mythical Beasts.

This show comprises of all the models and interactive areas to form an amazing LEGO brick journey through the enchanting world of Greek myths and legends.

The variety and number of models is subject to change.

Please contact our sales team for information.

Gorgon/ Stheno
Cerberus/ Big Dog
Drakon/ Snake
Argos/ Small Dog
Satyr 1
Satyr 2
Satyr 3
Nymphs x6
Dryads x6
Hercules (Head in Hole)
Artefacts x5 (Pandora’s Box, Poseidon’s trident, Apollo’s Lyre, Necklace of Harmonia, Phoenix Egg)

No. of Models: 28

Bright Bricks will supply the complete feature including all the models, dioramas and soft furnishings. The build of the models is extremely detailed and of exceptionally high quality.