Ice Age | A LEGO brick show by Bright Bricks

Release Date: TBC
Approx Size: 600-800m2
No. of Models: 35

Ice Age is a prehistoric LEGO tour of mammoth proportions. The show’s centrepiece is a life-sized woolly mammoth and a further 35 models provide an insight into the creatures and peoples that lived through the last ice age.

Visitors will experience what coming face-to-face with a mammoth is like. All the models in the tour represent animals alive during the ice age and create a unique collection of stunning LEGO models for guests to enjoy. Key models are enhanced by sound effects as well as information on the animals and their history. Three activity features complete the tour and add an interactive element for young and old alike to enjoy.

There are 3 features in the activity area:

  • TAR PIT: The ice age animals have stumbled into a tar pit! Can you help rescue them? Test out your skills and see if you can rope an animal and lift it from the tar pit
  • MAMMOTH BUILD: Create your own mammoth or other ice age creature from a free play area with over 200,000 available LEGO bricks. What will you create?
  • CAVE ART: Man has been painting on the walls of caves for over 100,000 years. Here is your chance to create your own Neolithic masterpiece by using LEGO bricks on our specially created cave wall and add to the giant art-work.

Bright Bricks will supply the complete feature including all the models, dioramas, and soft furnishings. The build of the models is extremely detailed and of exceptionally high quality.

Woolly Mammoth
Sabre Tooth Tiger
Giant Moa
Neanderthal Man
Dodos x4
Baby woolly mammoths x2
Baby sabre tooths x2
Ground Sloth
Hyrax x5
Jerboa hopping mouse x10
Wolverine x2
Tarpit diorama
Woolly Mammoth hunt
Dire wolf
Giant Beaver