Release Date: TBC
Approx Size: 500-700m2
No. of Models: 70

Gallery – Art in LEGO bricks

Mankind has created and admired artwork for millennia and now is your chance to tour an art gallery where all the images and exhibits are made from LEGO bricks. With over 70 works of art, Gallery provides a colourful and unusual take on the use of the LEGO brick product.

Visitors will walk around the Gallery space where a combination of wall mounted art and free-standing sculptures, as well as concept pieces, will fascinate and intrigue. Paintings are rendered as LEGO mosaics using a variety of different styles and techniques, as well as images with depth and relief not possible with conventional art materials.

The sculptures on display provide a wide range of experiences from small and intricate models of beauty to larger and impressive brick builds. Concept pieces take LEGO to a new level, many use LEGO parts in ways never before imagined.

The floor space required for the full display is between 500 and 700 sqm depending on the circulation area. This tour can be configured in a circular, square or rectangular format and can be scaled in size relative to the area available.

There are 2 zones in the activity area:

  • My Art: This is your own opportunity to create a unique art-work and have it displayed on our Gallery walls. With an extensive colour pallet, build whatever inspires your imagination.
  • Sculpture Garden: Set to work at one of the master sculptor tables and work with some of the 100,000 bricks available to create your own sculpture. Will it be a classic Greek statue or something more contemporary and conceptual, the world is your oyster?

Bright Bricks will supply the complete feature including all the models, dioramas, and soft furnishings. The build of the models is extremely detailed and of exceptionally high quality.

This tour will be available for global release from: TBC

Mosaics x25
Wall art x20
Sculptures on plints x15
Freestanding sculptures x8
Concept pieces x6