BRICKLIVE FANTASY KINGDOM is a touring LEGO show of sword and sorcery. A fantastical quest with dragons, castles and princesses all created in LEGO bricks. Help Princess Orra on her quest to save the Brick Kingdom and defeat the evil Baron. Join her friends as they show you the wondrous sights in this medieval fantasy land.

Visitors can experience life-sized sculptures of key characters from the story: Princess Orra, Abbra the Wizard, Sir Studley the Knight, Chester the Jester and Torre the Huntswoman. Guests will be amazed by Mythrog, the huge life-like dragon standing over 4m tall and 5m long with glowing eyes, realistic sound effects and dragon breath. Follow the clues to reveal the Baron’s plans and help Princess Orra thwart them, returning her father’s kingdom to peace and prosperity.

BRICKLIVE FANTASY KINGDOM is a fun, engaging tour that has travelled around the UK and is ideal for historic venues, museums, BIDs and shopping malls.

❚ KEEP BUILDING: Join in with the fun and become a medieval stone mason as you help contribute to building the castle keep. Visitors build large scale-bricks in this hands-on, community build and their work is added to the giant castle keep by Bright Bricks’ LEGO experts.

❚ THE BARONY OF THE BRICK: In the neighbouring province to The Brick Kingdom is the Barony of the Brick. Can you help contain the evil Baron in his realm by building walls around his Barony. A themed activity table allows visitors to create their very own medieval creations from thousands of LEGO bricks.

❚ QUEST FOR THE BRICK KINGDOM: Solve the clues to help un-lock the secrets of the Brick Kingdom and thwart the Baron’s plans. Visitors will be presented with a puzzle sheet which they will use to solve clues, such as reading the LEGO runes and deciphering the code; spotting the naughty dragon whelps and searching the map of the Kingdom for answers to the riddle.

Castle Tower
Falcons x3
Heraldic Banners x6
Hunting dogs x2
Dragon Whelps x5
Duelling Wizards
Royal Court scene
Medieval Weapons x6
Neuschwanstein Castle
Golden Eagle
Runic Tables x12
Crown Jewels
Banqueting Table
Howling Wolf

No. of Models: 22