Shopping Centres

A LEGO® brick experience is the perfect way to increase visitor attendance, circulation and dwell time around your shopping centre, infusing your space with colour, energy, and awe-inspiring spectacles.

Our shows and events have high PR and marketing value, from hero builds like a life-size African elephant or mythical dragon, to interactive features that will build memories your visitors will treasure.

Bright Bricks is regularly commissioned by shopping centres to increase attendance and visitor circulation, and we do not disappoint. Our experiences vary, from pre-existing touring shows that encourage visitors to participate in interactive competitions, or ‘quest’; to bespoke builds; to make-and-take or mosaic events.

Bright Bricks also offers exposure on our social media channels, where our team will work to raise awareness for your event, and support interactive features and competitions.

Bright Bricks’ amazing LEGO Brick Safari models had a remarkable impact on the footfall at Mermaid Quay; we saw a 100% year-on-year increase over the half-term week!   It really captured the imagination of the local media and also generated massive social media engagement.

Linda Welch
Marketing Manager
Mermaid Quay