Mythical Beasts at the Great Brick Adventure

This summer, there will be so many things to do at the Great Brick Adventure, in all four venues, that it is difficult to choose a star attraction. But, among the wide variety of models Bright Bricks is proud to exhibit, Mythical Beasts will be a powerful presence that is sure to drive brick fans wild.

Mythical Beasts is one of Bright Bricks’ most recently debuted shows, with over fifty models and interactive experiences, bringing the fascinating world of creatures from mythology to life using LEGO® bricks.

Inspired by legends from ancient Greece, the show revolves around the mythical Pandora’s Box which, when opened, will unleash a horde of trapped beasts upon the world. As the “heroes” of the experience, visitors must find all of the escaped creatures, to send them back into the box and seal them away.

Some Mythical Beasts – such as Valkaria the majestic Hippogriff, or the Owl of Athena – are allies, while others – from Asterion the vengeful Minotaur, and Vladdigor the fearsome four-headed Chimera, to a towering, seven-headed Hydra – are not as friendly.

There will also be plenty of ways for Great Brick Adventure patrons to immerse themselves in the action. The Hydra and Minotaur feature light and smoke elements respectively, to bring a new layer of life to the models, and the exhibit will feature Brick Pits, where visitors can build their own monsters from ancient myth.

Mythical Beasts will be joining the Great Brick Safari, Warriorbots and more for the Great Brick Adventure at four venues across the UK this summer. Buy your tickets below.

Harrogate Convention Centre

31st August – 2nd September

Kings Road, Harrogate, HG1 5LA