Client Open Day

On Wednesday 23rd May, Bright Bricks opened its doors to more than twenty businesses, agencies and clients from across the United Kingdom, inviting them to take an inside look at the day-to-day workings of the organisation.

Starting the open day with an introduction by Creative Director Ed Diment, clients were led through Bright Bricks’ production process: from the concept of a model, through its digital designs and refinements, to building it, brick-by-brick, in the workshop. The first event of its kind at the company, Bright Bricks were delighted by a high response rate from clients, who were fascinated by the wide of range of models currently in development, as well as seeing into other aspects of the business – from Sales to Marketing – that they might not previously have considered before as being integral to Bright Bricks’ process.

After the tour, clients took part in make-and-take and minifigure builds, to showcase some of the many engaging brick-building activities we offer in our shows and events. Clients were also invited to participate in an example of a public build mosaic of a corporate logo, and to take part in a Warriorbots demonstration, duking it out with LEGO® brick, remote-controlled robots. We quickly learned who was the most competitive of the group!

The feedback to Bright Bricks, both on the day and afterwards, was extremely complimentary, and the company is looking forward to hosting another open day in the near future.

Words and photos by Bright Bricks.