Bricktropolis at the Dick Institute

Bright Bricks is reaching for the sky above the Dick Institute in Kilmarnock, with the latest iteration of the Bricktropolis touring show. From 6th June to 22nd July, over 20 LEGO brick® buildings will be on display in the Dick Institute, celebrating architectural marvels from around the world.

Styles and designs from every continent are represented in this diverse display of monuments, capitals and skyscrapers, all at 1:125 scale. The unmistakeable triangular structure of the Eiffel Tower proudly stands side-by-side with New Zealand’s Sky Tower, and a replica of the Empire State Building that dwarfs them all.

Smaller but no less detailed inclusions to the display include the Arc de Triomphe, the distinctive Atomium, Big Ben Tower, and even the Great Pyramid of Giza, to highlight man’s architectural achievements from the dawn of civilisation to the present day.

The exhibition will be open until July 22nd, and has already left visitors in awe of its scale and attention to detail. Find out more at East Ayrshire Leisure.

Words by Bright Bricks. Photos by Jerry Sim Photography.