Bright Bricks at BrickLive Basel 2018

The past two weeks have seen Bricklive’s first outing of 2018, in Basel, Switzerland. Bright Bricks had the pleasure of presenting the Great Brick Safari and Warriorbots to a new, German-speaking audience, to the delight of many satisfied LEGO® brick fans. There has been a long-standing spirit of collaboration between Bright Bricks and BrickLive, and Basel brought with it another opportunity to continue that relationship, as well as bring new forms of LEGO brick-themed entertainment to a foreign audience.

The Great Brick Safari, first displayed at Marwell Zoo in August 2017, brought over 80 incredible LEGO brick animals to Basel, from dioramas of tiny insects and butterflies, to life-sized hyenas, zebras, and a towering elephant. A popular aspect of the Safari has been Feed the Frogs, a game where visitors compete to fire tiny LEGO brick ‘flies’ into the gaping mouths of brightly-coloured frogs. The game invited waves upon waves of children to take part, and created quite a buzz at the event.

Meanwhile, the Warriorbots arena underwent a minor transformation for its first international outing. The show’s graphics and hard media were translated into German for the event, and the enthusiastic and excited reactions from a throng of new fans has set a positive precedent for Warriorbots as it enters new territories worldwide.

Words by Bright Bricks. Pictures courtesy of BrickLive.