Breaking LEGO Brick Records in Hong Kong

From Monday 19th March, Bright Bricks’ world record-breaking longest span LEGO brick bridge, began its latest exhibition, halfway across the world from its last venue here in England, to the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong. The bridge, originally built with the assistance of world-renowned Institute of Civil Engineers in 2016, is now standing proudly in the Elements shopping centre in West Kowloon, in the somewhat appropriate Metal zone.

The 3m tall bridge is comprised of over 200,000 individual bricks, and was built by the combined efforts of eight schools, here in the UK, at One Great George Street in Westminster.

The bridge’s presence in Hong Kong is to commemorate the ICE’s 200th anniversary. As reported by Business Insider, Professor Ken Ho, Chairman, of the ICE Hong Kong Association, hoped that, “with this exhibition, we showcase civil engineering and wish to ignite new excitement for the ingenuity, creativity and contributions of our profession amongst a new generation of Hong Kong youth.”

This impressive build will be displayed in Elements shopping centre for a full month, its titanic span capturing the attention of thousands of passers-by, a true brick-based engineering achievement that in construction, if not quite in size, spans across half the globe.

Words by Bright Bricks.