Unforgettable Experiences

Bright Bricks has invested in creating entertaining tour collections. These tours can be either displayed within an existing event or built as a stand-alone experience.

The applications are endless. Models and statues are used to increase attendance and circulation in existing venues, such as museums and shopping centres. Exciting models are strategically placed within a venue and an interactive activity is designed to lead the visitors around the full display.


Incredible collections for your venue


Activities to entertain all ages

Bright Bricks supplies the content for most large public events that use LEGO and many LEGO exhibitions. Dramatic displays are always supported with interactive play and entertaining experiences, and all handled by Bright Bricks staff.

Here are some of the spaces we’ve put shows and activities on for:


A Bright Bricks LEGO show increases attendance, enhances the entertainment value for the whole family and circulates visitor traffic around the whole venue. There is a portfolio of shows to choose from, or bespoke builds can be created directly related to the theme of the museum or gallery content. In addition, the creative team at Bright Bricks thrives on the challenge to create unique interactive traffic movement programmes that entertain, educate and engage visitors. Testimonies and case studies are available to demonstrate how successful these marketing initiatives can be in helping your venue. See our shows.

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Bright Bricks builds whole interactive entertainment shows that are booked by promoters and toured around a number of venues. These shows are often creatively developed with the promoter to include hero builds and interactive features to fill up to 20,000m2 of venue space. Similar to all entertainment tours, the shows will support healthy gate revenues and sponsorship. In many ways, the global brand of LEGO and the creative content is a perfect combination to ensure massive family interest. Promoters of LEGO events are currently successfully touring all over the world; Bright Bricks has combined unique displays with incredible interactive entertainment. See our shows.


Exhibition venues are the perfect location to stage Bright Bricks LEGO shows. From 1,000sqm to 20,000sqm, Bright Bricks delivers the whole creation, installation and management of the show. Typical of any public event, these shows generate natural attendance because of the strong brand and the family entertainment value. Venues will often have their own box office and visitor data so will understand the level of attendance their catchment area will attract. Why not add a Bright Bricks Lego experience show to your portfolio of public shows, or co-locate it with an existing show to boost attendance? See our shows.


Shopping Malls regularly install Lego experiences to increase attendance by creating interactive features that have high PR and marketing value. The Lowry Mall in Manchester staged a two week programme and increased attendance by 23%. Experiences are installed to encourage visitor circulation by moving visitors from one feature to the next through participation in an interactive quiz or competition. Bright Bricks LEGO shows will increase attendance, entertain the whole family, increase visitor retention time and receive very positive social media feedback. See our shows.

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If you are an exhibitor at an event, you are likely to be thinking how to best present your company and also be innovative. Bright Bricks can literally build anything out of Lego and has built thousands of products and displays for exhibition stands. Why not build your product out of LEGO bricks – Bright Bricks have even built a half-sized Rolls-Royce jet engine! Attract attention with a community build where visitors participate themselves or a live build where visitors watch experts create displays out of LEGO bricks. The ideas and possibilities are endless, challenge Bright Bricks to develop an idea to make your stand the star of the exhibition. See our shows.


Bright Bricks regularly stage shows at public venues including parks, country houses and heritage sites etc. These events increase visitor attendance, attract new audiences to the venue and can highlight a particular theme or a new attraction. Bright Bricks LEGO shows have a proven track record in boosting visitor numbers, with case studies and testimonies available to demonstrate how successful this can be for your venue. See our shows.