This stag was built by the Bright Bricks team to be displayed alongside a record-breaking model of Tower Bridge at the unveiling of Land Rover's new Discovery!

Built by the team at Bright Bricks from over 13,000 pieces! Our stork will be on display at Stack this October; for more details, visit

We'll be joining in on all the fun at Bricktastic this year on July 2nd-3rd. Come along and see some of the most impressive models we've built this year including our dragon!

Built by the team at Bright Bricks for the Batman versus Superman Premiere in London, it's the LEGO Batmobile! Made from 100000 LEGO© Bricks!

Built by the team at Bright Bricks for the Star Was Force Awakens UK Premiere, Its LEGO Kylo Ren!

Here is our latest timelapse of models we built for CBRE and SomebodyinLondon. Its our take on a few iconic buildings managed by CBRE, some of London's biggest and brightest building landmarks!