Building your Brand with Bricks

At Bright Bricks we have a long and trusted track record of engaging audiences with our unique creations. Using the medium of toy bricks, we can enhance your product, your event and connect directly with your customers.

Bright Bricks can create almost anything using toy bricks; from a beautiful bespoke model, right through to a fully immersive brick experience; from a life-sized, working model of Rolls-Royce jet engine, to an interactive brick safari of 80 amazing animals. A build or experience using toy bricks will engage new audiences, enhance product appeal and get people talking.

World’s Premier Independent Brick Building Firm

Over eight years, Bright Bricks has grown to become the world’s premier independent brick-based model building firm.

Bright Bricks employs an award winning team of full-time professional brick artists creating models and experiences to over 500 clients nationally and internationally: a world-record-breaking replica of Tower Bridge bridge with just under 6,000,000 bricks; a 2.5m tall model of the Leadenhall building that takes pride of place in the reception of one of the City of London’s premier office buildings; and the presentation of our Animal Paradise show that has captivated thousands of visitors from Dallas to Beijing.

We want to work with you to create a memorable and fun experience with these famous bricks for your customers.

Bright Bricks &
The Supercar

Bright Bricks & John Lewis

Bright Bricks &
The City of Culture