Building Imagination with LEGO Bricks

At Bright Bricks, we have a long and trusted track record of engaging audiences with our unique creations. Using the medium of LEGO bricks, we can enhance your product, your event and connect directly with your customers.

Bright Bricks can create almost anything using LEGO bricks; from a beautiful bespoke model, right through to a fully immersive LEGO experience; from a life-sized, working LEGO Rolls-Royce jet engine, to an entire, interactive, LEGO Safari. A build or experience using LEGO bricks will engage new audiences, enhance product appeal and get people talking about you.

Over eight years, Bright Bricks has grown to become the World’s premier independent LEGO building firm. Bright Bricks employs an award winning team of full-time professional LEGO builders creating LEGO models and experiences to over 500 clients nationally and internationally; like a working tunnel boring machine for Bechtel that brought the Crossrail project to life and engaged whole new audiences; like a 2.5m tall model of the Leadenhall building that takes pride of place in the reception of one of the City of London’s premier office buildings and like the presentation of our Kingdoms show that attracted thousands of extra visitors through the doors of the Lowry shopping centre in Manchester.

Bright Bricks is a subsidiary of AIM listed company, Live Company Group- a worldwide live entertainment and education company, for more information please visit their website.

We want to work with you to create a memorable and fun experience with LEGO bricks for your customers.

The Company

Founded in 2010 and co-owned by partners LEGO brick creator Ed Diment and business entrepreneur Simon Horgan, the company is fast becoming world-renowned for its ability to promote brands with ‘larger-than-life’ LEGO brick models. The company’s portfolio includes education, retail, entertainment, FMCG, news and broadcast, technology, manufacturing, shipping, aero-engineering and sports clients. The business has a team of over 30 talented brick artists that can enhance your business through this ever popular medium. Bright Bricks also has a complete service team to plan and execute full scale LEGO brick events and experiences.

Bright Bricks has world famous entertainment tour collections that are set up in venues and supported by clever interactive experiences. LEGO brick themed events are guaranteed to attract large audiences with the average visitor stay more than four hours. LEGO is a globally recognised and respected brand and Bright Bricks is the leading experience company in this field.

Bright Bricks applies a unique approach to developing impactful, creative, promotional solutions using LEGO bricks. Challenge us to find the creative key to promoting your company’s product or service, there are limitless possibilities.

Bright Bricks’ parent company, Live Company Group runs the event BRICKLIVE globally.  BRICKLIVE is a network of partner-driven fan-based shows using BRICKLIVE-created content worldwide. It owns the rights to BRICKLIVE – interactive experiences built around the creative ethos of the world’s most popular construction toy – LEGO®. BRICKLIVE actively encourages all to learn, build and play, and provides an inspirational central space where like-minded fans can push the boundaries of their creativity. Brick Live Group is not associated with the LEGO Group and is an independent producer of BRICKLIVE.