Release Date: January 2018
Approx Size: 500-600m2
No. of Models: 40

Civilisations is an innovative and entertaining LEGO touring show with 40 stunning LEGO models including life-size human figures from a range of civilisations through-out history.

The lifelike appearance of figures in colourful costumes and intriguing poses creates a real ‘wow’ factor as well as being educational and informative.

The life-sized LEGO figures will give visitors a fascinating experience of engaging with people such as an Aztec, a Samurai Warrior or an ancient Greek. Several statues will have live audio commentary and all models come with information boards. In addition, several interesting LEGO dioramas depicting activities and cultures from around the World are included and some of these have built in lighting and sound effects.

There are three features in the activity area:

❚ THE CRADLE OF MAN: Think of a civilisation from history or imagine one of your very own. Now work at one of our activity stations to create your very own civilisation figure. With over 150,000 LEGO bricks you’ll be able to let your imagination run wild.

❚ THE TOWER OF BABEL: The tower of Babel gives visitors the chance to contribute to a community build activity. Help the Bright Bricks Master Builders to create a huge model of the Tower of Babel, a place where all civilisations could meet and communicate with one another.

❚ THE WHEEL THING: One of the earliest inventions in civilisation was the wheel. Can you make a working wheel out of LEGO bricks? Try your hand at making square bricks round and see how far yours can travel on our ancient ramp.

Bright Bricks will supply the complete feature including all the models, dioramas, and soft furnishings. The build of the models is extremely detailed and of exceptionally high quality.

Native American
Thai Dancing Girl
Bear Grylls
Samurai warrior
Greek Philosopher
Roman chariot
Rio Carnival
Machu Pichu
Arab Souk
St Basil’s Cathedral
World Map
x27 International Flags
Hong Kong Harbour
Milan Fashion Show
Easter Island
6 Ancient Artefacts