BRICKLIVE Brickosaurs is a unique collection of brick models that provide an awe-inspiring spectacle for visitors. With amazing dinosaur models including a massive 8 metre T-Rex, this touring show contains some of the most extraordinary brick builds ever created. Visitors can experience firsthand what it would have been like to come face-to-face with these incredible prehistoric reptiles.

Fans will love the chance to get an insight into how these incredible models were built and gain inspiration for their own brick building projects. Facts and figures about the dinosaur will be displayed alongside each model, making this an educational and entertaining event.

As visitors tour amongst the wonderful variety of dinosaurs, they will have the opportunity to take photos in the range of Selfie Zones including our Jurassic Jeep, as well as being able to interact with feature builds and interactive zones that can also be hired along with the models.

The models can be placed in their own, specially created outdoor setting or indoors. The models can be displayed as individual model stations or placed in groups to create a prehistoric scene! We have a full presentation and video available for Brickosaurs if you would like further information, just drop us an email!

There are four zones in the activity area:
❚ THE SAURA-POD: Named after the mightiest of dinosaurs such as Brontosaurus and Diplodocus, this activity allows visitors to create their own giant dinosaurs with access to over 300,000 LEGO bricks!
❚ DINO CLASH: Visitors can take turns to operate a remote controlled T-Rex in a four-way clash of heavy-weights. Each dinosaur uses the LEGO power functions remote control so that visitors will have two minutes to knock over or knock out their dino-opponent.
❚ FOSSIL FINDER: Can you help the LEGO palaeontologists un-earth the missing dinosaur bones and help build a dino skeleton? Visitors will rummage in a giant ball pool in search of the missing dinosaur bones before helping put them on the dino-skeleton.
❚ EGGS-TINCTION: Spot the hidden dinosaur eggs and identify which dinosaur species they belong to. Can you help save the dinosaurs from extinction?

Bright Bricks will supply the complete feature including all the models, dioramas, and soft furnishings. The build of the models is extremely detailed and of exceptionally high quality.

x1 Tyrannosaurus Rex
x1 Triceratops
x1 Stegosaurus
x1 Dilophosaurus
x3 Velociraptors
x1 Pteradon
x15 Compsognathus
x6 Peteinosaurus
x1 Dracopelta
x1 Tethyshadros
x1 Plesiosaur
x2 Dimetrodon
x1 Parasaurolophus
x3 Archaeoceratops
x5 Archeopteryx
x1 Lystrosaurus
x1 Mochlodon
x1 Diplocaulus
x1 Megalosaur head
x5 Dinosaur footprints
x6 Dinosaur bones
x1 Captive dinosaur in vibrating crate
…and nests of Dinosaur Eggs!