Touchwood Welcomes Warriorbots

Bright Bricks’ awesome Great Brick Adventure Warriorbots are heading to Touchwood Shopping Mall in Solihull, West Midlands, for a series of epic battles to thrill visitors over February half-term. Remote controlled, LEGO brick Warriorbots will battle with each other for supremacy and the last bot standing, battered but defiant, will be the winner!

Eight uniquely designed Warriorbots each have their own weapons and personality, with four battling against each other in each round within the purpose built arena.

Visitors to the Mall will be invited to take part in the show by controlling one of the Warriorbots and sharpening their skills at battling to be the best through pushing the other bots down the pit and into oblivion. It’s addictive!

You will be able to see the Great Brick Adventure Warriorbots at several events and venues through out 2018. For more information visit