The Great Brick Safari at Mermaid Quay

This weekend, Cardiff’s Mermaid Quay shopping centre was overrun by twelve of the wildest stars of our Great Brick Safari touring show. Our lion, kangaroo, zebras, among others made their way to Wales for an open-air display that even has the BBC talking.

The Great Brick Safari, first created last year for Marwell Zoo, is an interactive LEGO brick show featuring upwards of 80 individual creatures from all branches of the animal kingdom, from lions and a Bengal tiger down to a an armadillo and a swarm of insects, and back up again to this gentle giant from the African savanna.

Among the models on display is a towering African elephant, comprised of 271,739 bricks, who has already found his way into the hearts of Cardiff’s public. The elephant was named ‘Earl Grey’ by patrons of Marwell Zoo during the show’s first outing, in summer 2017.

The Great Brick Safari is on display at Mermaid Quay until February 25th, and is free-to-view to the general public.

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Words by Bright Bricks. Images courtesy of Matthew Horwood. See more at