Museum/Gallery exhibitions

Bright Bricks has successfully combined with a number of museums to put on LEGO shows to increase visitor numbers and give an enhanced visitor experience. 

Exhibitions can run from one day to several weeks and typically have some level of public interaction such as workshops, LEGO graffiti wall, mosaic build, make-and-take builds, play tables and presentations.

An example of a one day event is Bright Bricks LEGO day at Snibston Discovery Museum in Leicestershire that has been so successful it has now been run on three separate occasions.  At the other end of the spectrum are the LEGO events at Milestones Museum in Basingstoke.  2014 is the third year of the event and is themed as LEGO – The Lost World Zoo.  The event runs for nine weeks and involves a large number of models of extinct creatures throughout the museum as well as numerous activities for the public including an interactive live build of a woolly mammoth!

If you have a museum or gallery space and want to run an event that will typically double your visitor numbers, get in touch today and we can give you a wide range of options.