What is a LEGO® Certified Professional?

The LEGO® Certified Professional Scheme (LCP) was established to provide a conduit for dealing with the huge array of requests for bespoke LEGO builds, activities and events.

LEGO Certified ProfessionalThe scheme is a partnership between LCPs and the LEGO Company and there are currently 16 LCPs in the world.

LEGO Certified Professionals are not LEGO employees, but the LEGO Group officially recognise them as trusted business partners.

There are strict entry requirements to join the scheme, which is not open to the public but by invitation only. This is through the LEGO Communities team and only where there is demand from a local business unit.

Duncan Titmarsh: The UK’s only LEGO Certified Professional

Duncan Titmarsh is the UK’s only LCP and therefore works direct with LEGO UK, the local business unit.  Certification grants certain rights to the LCP and is therefore an endorsement of the LCP’s ability to run a professional business service to clients. This also places requirements on the LCP to faithfully represent the prestigious LEGO brand and LEGO’s core value.

Duncan Titmarsh “rediscovered” LEGO bricks and products at the age of 22 when he received a LEGO set as a gift. This inspired him to begin collecting and building his own creations. As a result of his work, he begun to win commissions from organisations and some of his early models included a map of the London underground and a studio for the BBC.

In 2008, he made the decision to make his dream a reality and formed Bright Bricks. Our most noteworthy work includes World Record LEGO builds like a 12-metre tall Christmas tree for St Pancras train station and Tower Bridge for Land Rover, the biggest LEGO build ever.

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Duncan Titmarsh, LEGO Certified Professional