Entertaining Features

As a bolt-on to a show or as a stand alone activity, our features have been designed to catch the eye and entertain people of all ages. Here are a list of some of our existing features, but remember you can always challenge us to create something new or unique – they’re sure to gather a crowd!


Freeplay – 150m2

Free play areas allow visitors go wild and create their own amazing creations with access to over 300,000 bricks in each Free Play area. The zone features a soft play enclosure to contain the bricks and a feature model themed to that zone’s colour scheme to stimulate build ideas.

Top Speed Racers – 200m2

Top Speed Racers is an exciting interactive experience for where visitors get to build and race their own dragster speed machine. Race winners get to take selfies holding aloft the 1st place trophy while standing on the LEGO podium against the Top Speed Racers back-drop.

Top Speed Racers
Selfie Zone

Selfie Zone – 25m2

Everyone loves taking selfies at exhibitions and events, then posting them on social media. A Selfie Zone is a character, or feature, made from LEGO bricks, placed with a backdrop, to take a fun selfie. How about a selfie alongside Darth Vader or a giant tooth brush? Many Selfie Zone Models are available.

Pixel Art – 300m2

LEGO bricks are used to create large scale floor mosaics. Any design can be created using Bright Bricks’ own bespoke software and the bricks are provided for the visitors to build their own mosaic panel which is added to the grand design. It is very satisfying to see the giant artwork emerge, featuring the visitor’s own panel.

Pixel Art
Master Builder

Master Builder

Bright Bricks is associated with a network of professional LEGO builders. A selection of these builders will display their own collection of dramatic builds. Fans will be able to admire and discuss these builds with the creators. A must-see for fans of LEGO.

Hurricane Train – 300m2

Hurricane Train brings a different dimension to LEGO interactive experiences. Visitors get the chance to create their own wind powered train and run it on the Hurricane test track in front of a powerful wind-fan. How far can you make your train run on just one puff of air?

Hurrican Train

Cityscape – 250m2

A large circular table containing over 100,000 LEGO architecture bricks is available so that visitors can create buildings and structures. In the centre of the table will be a feature building to stimulate ideas. Professional builders will host this area to offer advice and guidance.

Master Class – 300m2

The Bright Bricks builder team, together with world famous master builder Ed Diment, LEGO Master Classes have been created. This will be an entertaining masterclass about Bright Bricks’ most challenging builds. Classes can host up to 100 visitors and will require the venue to provide seating and a stage area.

Master Class
Community Build

Community Build – typically 200m2

Community builds are live events, managed by Bright Bricks professionals, where the visitor builds a section of model that is added to spectacular large-scale build completed during the show. Any design can be created to link with the event’s theme. A medieval castle or a dinosaur, perhaps?

Wall Art – 25m2

Wall Art zones provide visitors with the opportunity to create their own work of art from LEGO bricks. Using a base plate, visitors add LEGO bricks to create their own design and then attach it to the wall. Write your name or design a master piece – anything is possible.

Wall Art

Minifigure Zone – 50m2

100,000 Minifigure parts are available in the Mini-figure Zone for visitors to create and make a customised Minifigure. Visitors can take them home as a reminder of a memorable Brixperience.

Make & Take – 50m2

The Make & Take zone is an area where visitors get to build their own model of a specially designed, themed build with the help of a Bright Bricks’ professional. The really fun part of this interactive feature is that the visitor gets to take the model home. Models can be de- signed to reflect the theme of the event or almost any theme that can be imagined.

Make and Take
World Build

World Build – 300m2

A large 3D map is placed on a raised platform surrounded by tables full of bricks. Visitors are encouraged to build a model to add to the map. By the end of the day the map is full of exciting and individually built models.

Games Master

Giant LEGO versions of popular board games are great fun for visitors and spectators alike. Perfect for photo opportunities which help to spread word of the event, games like Snakes & Ladders and Chess are fun for the whole family.

Games Master