Custom models

At Bright Bricks we pride ourselves on being able to build absolutely anything out of LEGO bricks in a faithful re-creation of the real World object or a flight of fantasy from your imagination.

Our builds can be as simple as a bird seen in someone’s garden to something as complex as a half-sized working LEGO jet engine containing over 150,000 parts!

If you have a product or a piece of equipment that is iconic of your industry let us recreate it in LEGO bricks.  A LEGO tugboat in a shipping show full of standard ship models will really stand out; a LEGO diorama illustrating a systems process can inject a bit of fun whilst still remaining informative and a large LEGO model can add a real wow factor as people stop and talk about the model giving you a captive audience.

Beyond the immediate impact of a custom model is the media coverage that it will get.  LEGO models tend to draw huge interest from both the mainstream press and on-line blogs to prime-time television and social media.  Our LEGO Christmas Tree in St Pancras train station, for example, was independently calculated to have generated the equivalent of over £7million worth of spend on advertising for only a fraction of that cost.

So if you want to get noticed, contact us to discuss your ideas and get a quote.