Corporate team events

There are a great many activities that are carried out at corporate events, but have you ever considered LEGO as a team building tool?

Bright Bricks can provide a range of activities to run for your staff to get them engaged, communicating and thinking laterally.  This might be a single activity for the whole group, such as a mosaic build where everyone builds a panel to form an overall image; a company logo for example.  It might be a series of team v. team events or event an activity where staff from offices around the country or Worldwide contribute to part of final build remotely, writing ideas or themes on a brick that form a final sculpture.

Alternatively you could look to have a whole day of activity where LEGO forms one of the break-out session activities.  Bright Bricks provided this option for Oxford and Cambridge University IT departments that met collectively for an all-day event at LEGO Land.  There were break-out sessions that ran all day including creative building, team LEGO car racing and an Oxford v Cambridge LEGO bridge building competition.

Contact us if you would like to discuss a customised concept for your team event and bring out the best in your colleagues imagination!