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LEGO Kylo Ren

Built by the team at Bright Bricks for the Star Was Force Awakens UK Premiere, Its LEGO Kylo Ren!

LEGO Minecraft Steve Timelapse

Built by the team at Bright Bricks, This is life sized Minecraft Steve! Made from 35000 LEGO® Bricks.

CBRE Buildings time lapse video

Here is our latest timelapse of models we built for CBRE and SomebodyinLondon. Its our take on a few iconic buildings managed by CBRE, some of London’s biggest and brightest building landmarks!


Built by the team at Bright Bricks for the Star Wars The Force Awakens UK Premiere, Its LEGO BB-8!

LEGO Santa Express

Built by the team at Bright Bricks for LEGO UK for display in Covent Garden, its the LEGO Santa’s Express!

Giant LEGO Advent Calendar arrives in Glasgow!

You can now get up close with our giant advent calendar at Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow!

And check out our making of video timelapse here!

Santa and Reindeer in Liverpool!

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Our life sized sleigh and Santa with 8 life-sized reindeer + Rudolph have just arrived in Liverpool! Visitors can sit in the Sleigh and have their picture taken alongside Santa. Santa and his reindeer will be waiting at Liverpool One shopping district, near to the Ted Baker store. (
You can check out the making of video below from last years location in London!

Exeter Cathedral

Following the success of Durham Cathedral and Chester Cathedral, Exeter is next to get the Bright Bricks treatment!
You can get involved with the Exeter Cathedral build too! They’re looking for volunteers to help construct the massive model which will be comprised of 300,000 bricks! To find out more about the project and how you can help by visiting their website!
Exeter Cathedral LEGO Build

Life Sized Doctor Who Tardis Timelapse

Giant LEGO Scooby Doo Timelapse